The product range consists of:-
  1. Floor standing 19 inch cabinets manufactured from (a bolt together) frame, aluminium uprights, mild steel top and bottom base, mild steel top panel, side and rear door.  With the introduction of our 8 bolt easy to assemble flat pack cabinet, a steel framed front door with toughened tinted glass is supplied.  IP rating ranges from IP40-IP54.  All key-locks used, are keyed alike.

    Cabinet loading 500kgs (based on a 4 point fixing within the cabinet).

    Standard sizes available are:-

    10U; 13U; 16U; 20U; 25U; 30U; 34U; 38U; 43U; 47U
    in a 600x600mm, 600 x 800mm, 600x900mm, 800x800mm or 600x1000mm.

    As the cabinet bases are manufactured from extruded steel all non-standard depths of cabinets can be accommodated with very little modification.  A full range of accessories is available to enhance the cabinet , per each clients individual specification.

    Standard colours:- (Powder coated finish)

    i)  Grey / Light Grey combination
    ii)  Special colours upon request

  2. Wall mounted wall boxes and swing frames manufactured from 1,2mm & 1,6mm mild steel with toughened clear glass door that seals on to the front of the wall box.

    The wall box becomes a swing frame by adding the swing back to the wall box.  Back panels are an add on to either the wall box or the swing back when required.

    The standard sizes available in the present range are:-

      4U x 19 inch x 300 Wall Box
      4U x 19 inch x 400 Wall Box with swing frame
      6U x 19 inch x 300 Wall Box
      6U x 19 inch x 400 Wall Box with swing frame
      9U x 19 inch x 450 Wall Box
      9U x 19 inch x 550 Wall Box with swing frame
    12U x 19 inch x 500 Wall Box
    12U x 19 inch x 600 Wall Box with swing frame
    15U x 19 inch x 500 Wall Box
    15U x 19 inch x 550 Wall Box with swing frame
    20U x 19 inch x 500 Wall Box
    20U x 19 inch x 550 Wall Box with swing frame

    All wall boxes are supplied with pre-punched gland holes top and bottom of the wall box and swing frame.

    Wall boxes are supplied with pre-punched cut-outs on either side of the wall box for the mounting of 120 x 120 fans.

    Cover panels or louver panels are available to cover the fan cut outs if so required.

    Standard colours:- (Powder coated finish)

    i)  Grey
    ii)  Special colours upon request

  3. Lab Racks are manufactured from mild steel available in standard sizes of, 25U; 34U; and 43U.  The foot base is standard 600mm deep.

    (Colours as per cabinets)

  4. Computer housings 19 inch mount and accessories are included in the AFRAC product range:

    i) Commercial and industrial 19 inch x 4U
    computer cases are available with various combination options for hard drives and disc drives and accessories.

    Back slot ranging from 8 way to 14 way.

    Universal 14 inch or 15 inch monitors can be fitted into a standard 8U x 19 inch monitor chassis, protecting the monitor from dust and direct vandalism.

    Universal 17 inch monitor chassis  is also available in a standard 10U x 19 inch mounting concept.

    iv) Also recently launched into the Product Range, the space saving 2U Monitor draw, which accommodates a 15 inch TFT LCD fold down Monitor

    Reduced width 101 keyboard trays are fitted onto lock out telescopic slide rails.  A work surface and mouse pocket are standard mechanical components with the keyboard tray.  These are available in 1U & 2U x 19 inch mount.  All front panel components are made of mild steel, powder coated finish.

  5. Shell cases are manufactured for the electronics market.  These are ideal for the 1 off projects or proto-type work.  For the production run that may run into quantities, the shell cases are simple but sturdy, with the top and bottom cover plates in a powder coated finished.  The front and rear plates are supplied in aluminium without a finish.  This allows for drilling or milling before anodising or powder coating of these plates.

  6. Turn-key Projects are undertaken ranging from the manufacture of consoles through to cooling packages for the computer industry , pressurisation of cabinets etc.

  7. Accessories: Power rails; Front mount trays; Punched profiles; Mounting equipment; Castor kits; Steel or Aluminium blanking panels; 19 inch computer accessories; electronic enclosures; plinths; height reduction kits; etc.



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