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All 19" cabinets manufactured in accordance to DIN 41494. Cabinet protection ranges from IP40 to IP54.

Cabinet comes standard with the following:

  • Base and top

  • Aluminium uprights

  • Depth reducers

  • Punch profiles

  • Vented top panel

  • Removable side panels

  • Removable lockable rear door

  • Removable lockable tinted glass door

  • Adjustable leveling feet

Options available on racks:

  • Metal power rails

  • Fan trays

  • Cable trays

  • Gland plates with brush entry

  • Modem tray various depths

  • Front mount trays various depths

  • Telescopic slide trays various depths

  • Castor kits

Standard colours offered are:

A. Ocean Grey and Light Grey
B. Other colours available on request.


Part No Description

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CAB1060 Cabinet 10UX600X600
CAB1360 Cabinet 13UX600X600
CAB1380 Cabinet 13UX600X800
CAB1660 Cabinet 16UX600X600
CAB1680 Cabinet 16UX600X800
CAB2060 Cabinet 20UX600X600
CAB2080 Cabinet 20UX600X800
CAB2560 Cabinet 25UX600X600
CAB2580 Cabinet 25UX600X800
CAB3060 Cabinet 30UX600X600
CAB3080 Cabinet 30UX600X800
CAB3460 Cabinet 34UX600X600
CAB3480 Cabinet 34UX600X800
CAB3860 Cabinet 38UX600X600
CAB3880 Cabinet 38UX600X800
CAB4360 Cabinet 43UX600X600
CAB4380 Cabinet 43UX600X800
CAB4760 Cabinet 47UX600X600
CAB4780 Cabinet 47UX600X800


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