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  • All boxes and Swing Frames are manufactured from mild steel then powder coated, in accordance to DIN 41494.

  • All wall boxes have a bend lip with rubber gasket on which the glass door seals against, when locked. Two(2) T-hinges holds the glass door secured & allows for 180 opening.

  • Boxes come with two(2) fan holes. When not required, fan covers are supplied.

  • Swing frames are available for all sizes.

  • A locating pin aligns swing frame to wall box thus ensuring neatness and strength.

  • Wall boxes and swing frames are supplied with bottom and top cable entry covered holes.

  • 19 punch profiles are fully adjustable.

Part No Description
WB0430 Wall Box 4UX300
WB0440SF Swing Frame 4UX300+100
WB0630 Wall Box 6UX300
WB0640SF Swing Frame 6UX300+100
WB0945 Wall Box 9UX450
WB0955SF Swing Frame 9UX450+100
WB1250 Wall Box 12UX500
WB1260SF Swing Frame 12UX500+100
WB1550 Wall Box 15UX500
WB1555SF Swing Frame 15UX500+050
WB2050 Wall Box 20UX500
WB2055SF Swing Frame 20UX500+050

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